PLEASE NOTE: I am not in any way licensed or qualified to give you any form of investment or financial advice. As with anything of this nature, please do your own research.  Investing in Bitcoin is considered a ‘high risk investment.’  The first rule of investing is ‘NEVER INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO  LOSE!’  Do your own due diligence.  You alone are responsible for any actions you take and / or investments you make!

This site is dedicated to helping people find a way to raise the funds necessary to pay for the Youngevity Nutritional Supplements they need to restore their health Naturally - without dangerous drugs and surgery!  If you’re new to that idea check out my Youngevity site here.

My grandmother always told me that it "wasn’t wise to keep all your eggs in one basket!”  That statement couldn’t be more true when it comes to our finances!  Too many people are relying on their ‘job’ or retirement fund to provide all of their financial needs.  In this day and age that’s not a very good idea.

While there are a lot of bitcoin investment programs promissing large payouts it’s been my experience that most are ‘fly by night’ and ‘here today / gone tomorrow.’  That’s why, after being burned to the tune of almost 20 bitcoin, I have determined that the HYIP bitcoin deals are scams - at least every one I’ve been involved with has turned out to be.

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I would first recommend viewing the other pages and corresponding videos to familiarize yourself with crypto currencies in general.

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