The two videos below will explain the process of setting up a Blockchain Wallet and funding it with bitcoin.  These two steps should be accomplished before you sign up with any trading platform.  This wil make the sign up process go much more smoothly.

(Note: Coinbase is a U.S. corporation and have already been approached by the IRS (Individuals Representing Satan) for a complete list of all of their U.S. customers so I don’t recommend them except as a last resort.)

These seem like good ways to buy Bitcoin.  (Note: I haven’t used them, but they look realatively quick and painless!)  This IS NOT an endorsement - just looks like they might help you get funded quicker.

The button below is for We Sell Crypto

I’ve used WeSellCrypto and have had good results with them.  They only accept PayPal. If you have multiple e-mail addresses make sure you sign up with the same address that you use for PayPal!

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