Notice: Beginning Monday, April 11, 2022 HyperVerse will be moving exclusively to Membership 2.0 which instead of providing 3x membership rewards it will now provide 4x membership rewards.  The videos below all refer to Membership 1.0 at 3x.  Please bare in mind that the Memberships are now 4x under the 2.0 system.  New videos may take some time to be produced and posted here.

HyperVerse 2.0 Community Presentation 04/13/22  Keith Williams

The presentations below are the older 1.0 versions.  Most information is still valid with the exception of the terms of membership.

HyperVerse Community Presentation - Mick Mulcahy

HyperVerse Community Presentation - 13 December 2021 - Kalpesh Patel

Tami Jackson - HyperVerse and HyperCommunity -10-06-21

This documentary on Ryan Xu gives some insight into the philosophy of our founders.

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